As part of Robotics 3.1 Module, I have been given the task of operating a few actuators with the DSPIC30F4011. The DSPIC30F series is a 16-bit signal controller that allows for both Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for motor control and analog and digital inputs that can be used for control mechanisms or some really awesome robotic projects. A pickit2 is the medium device used to connect to the DSpic30 to the PC to program it. The pickit2 can power up the DSPIC however due to safety mechanisms or maximum current output from the pickit there will be moments where the I will have to use the battery pack provided to power up the system, an example of this would be when motors are used due to the level of current that is needed to produce torque.

Text Editor

It was recommended to use Notepad ++ which is installed in most of the computers in college however, due to my experience in web development I’ve decided to stick with using Subline Text as I found it a great text editor to use, theoretically it does not matter what type of text editor you use to write any computer code language, however with its simplicity and features I personally have found it handy in helpful when debug code.


The compiler used to convert the c-code into machine code was the xc compiler which is downloadable for free.